Client: Questions & Answers

What is Stateman Institute

An information and knowledge sharing platform to learn from our network of expert people.

What type of people will I have access to?

Very senior people.

People from the most senior levels of Government, corporate Australia, financial and investment services, academia and regulatory bodies.

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In what form are the consultations

The majority of consultations are phone conversations.

How quickly can I arrange a consultation

Fast. Usually within 24 hours.

What do I have to do?

Not much. Once you register just initiate projects as you require information. Leave the hard work to us. We will then match the best expert to your project.

How is conflict of interest handled?

Most of our experts perform numerous roles and functions. Managing conflict of interest is important.

It will be up to experts to nominate when they cannot participate in a project because of a conflict.

Please familiarise yourself with our compliance framework, which is there to protect experts and clients.

If experts cannot participate they may nominate a colleague for your consideration.

Is my information secure?


You are protected by our privacy policy.

All of your information is stored on servers with ASIO level security.

How secure are the phone conferences?

Very secure.

Teleconferences require pin code access.

Every call has a unique access pin.

Our teleconferencing service is highly secure and also used by some of Australia’s largest banks and listed companies.