An understanding of the political context and key stakeholders is critical. Business leaders must understand who to talk to, what to say, and how to best articulate and pitch their issue so it will resonate.

Traditional Australian lobbying models are tired and losing impact. Private consultations avoid the need to publish client details on the Australian Prime Minister and Cabinet, and State Government, Departments of Premier and Cabinet websites, broadcasting your strategic priorities to competitors and the media.

Statesman Institute is today’s model for engaging government. Empowering executives to advocate for themselves. Reforming the tired and hackneyed Australian government relations model.

  • Low risk
  • Strategic, Arms-Length
  • Avoid regulation, disclosure and exposure to media/competitors
  • Engage experts who would be unlikely to ever be involved in a lobbying firm
  • Talk directly to former Ministers who have been in the Cabinet room – not advisers
  • Understanding the key players and how to influence opinion is critical
  • Assess the impact of elections, ministerial changes and budgets
  • TEST-run or trial an important meeting with a  Prime Minister, Minister, Premier – What not to say.
  • When and how to engage the Public Service and Regulators

Empowering Business Leaders