Sharing our Expert Network.

Learning from Australia’s great political minds and corporate leaders is a privilege. Statesman Institute can share this privilege with you.

  • Business has an ongoing need to understand government. It is complex and always changing.
  • However, traditional government relations methods are becoming more regulated and less effective.
  • Over regulation requires the disclosure of client and consultant names on public websites for the world to see.

Statesman Institute is the first dedicated network of Australian government and corporate experts.

The establishment of Si signals a shift in the knowledge sharing economy. A demand for direct advice to inform efficient corporate decision making and strategy development.

An initiative of a number of prominent Australians, Statesman Institute is a revolutionary new concept to deliver high level expert advice and strategic intelligence, providing organisations with privileged, direct access to men and women from the inner circle of public and corporate life to help business leaders make better, informed decisions.

The Si knowledge sharing platform offers direct access to an unprecedented assembly of government, policy and industry sector experts.

Si is pleased to have the support of ASX Listed MGM Wireless (MWR), the established leader in school communication technology.

How does Statesman Institute work?

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    Client submits project

    Our clients submit detailed project brief

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    We match an expert to the project

    We match the right expert from our network for the project

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    Expertise delivered

    Expert delivers professional expertise to the client